Woopra 1.4 Released

Woopra Client 1.4 has been released to the public after a few months of beta testing. This new version includes a number of new features and enhancements. For instance, Woopra users now have the ability to embed a chat widget onto their site that enables inbound chatting whereas before, it was only outbound. Notifications have also been reworked so they are a scrollable list. A small but valued addition to the client is a usage meter. This lets paid users know how much of their monthly allotment they have used. Improved firewall connections as well as IP range filtering to exclude visitors have also been added.

The next time you open Woopra, you should receive notice that the update is available. I will not be adding the inbound chat feature to WPTavern.com because I use Twitter for that. It’s one less thing that has to be loaded. By the way, if you want to see what Woopra looks like on a 23 Inch Widescreen monitor, check out the following screenshot. Please ignore the WordPress Porn search query in the searches box.


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