1. Lanardo

    This is good news for woocommerce!


  2. Mitchell Callahan

    This is a nice feature, and I’m glad the integration is improving. However, 5% is too steep, that’s more than the credit card processor!


    • M

      If the payment processing fee is included in that 5%, then it sounds reasonable to me.
      If this works out, facebook stands to rake in huge profits.


  3. Viktor

    It make no utter sence to charge 5% more over why do we need to pay 5% while other payment processor takes far less than that.

    A nice feature tho, but at this point it seem illogical based on the pricing.

    This will only take all the profit away from small business owners.


  4. Mitch

    They’re not getting 5% from me.


  5. UgoChukwu

    5% commission!?
    While we try to minimize cost and deliver high quality service and product, they are coming up with added charges.
    Not a good idea though.
    It will be a better option to direct my customers toy site, to complete the order on my site.


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