1. Andreas Nurbo

    Why would there be a discriminatory gender pay gap in tech when there is non in the rest of the work force? People are usually paid what they are worth despite their gender. Differences in pay does not mean there is a discrimination for or against women.
    Sweden did a massive study years ago. They didn’t find any pay gap that affected women. There were a few cases affecting men. And Sweden could not find any actual cases.



  2. Jacob Share

    Thanks for blogging about this, Justin. It should help women AND men in their tech job searches. It’s already done so well that I’d be surprised if Lizzie doesn’t expand the project beyond tech fairly soon.


  3. Luvmp

    Thanks very much for this post Justin. Gender Pay Gap is something we all need to look into.


  4. Godswill Timothy

    Wow. This is really great. I don’t and would never agree to any decision where women are treated lesser. People should be payed according to their job worth and experience and not gender.


  5. Rita Sanders

    I really like how you said to rally around each other to help close the gender pay gap because having that support will definitely help. I can only imagine what would happen if all the women in my workplace worked together the way the men did. Maybe I should try and start that.


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