WiredTree To Sponsor All North American WordCamps In 2014

WiredTree LogoWiredTree, a webhosting company has become a WordCamp Pillar sponsor. The pillar sponsorship program is a package setup by WordCamp Central that enables businesses to sponsor multiple WordCamp events without having to go through the hassle of sponsoring them individually.

WordCamp organizers will have a little less to worry about when it comes to funding for their event. WiredTree has upped the ante and will be sponsoring all North American based WordCamps in 2014. I got in touch with WiredTree and asked them why they became a pillar sponsor and if sponsoring WordCamps has led to more customers.

It turns out that the relationship between WordCamps and Wiredtree began at WordCamp Chicago 2013. A client of theirs reached out to Wiredtree on Twitter and asked if they would like to sponsor the event since they were a happy user of both. Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree agreed that it would be a great fit.

WordPress is the most widely deployed CMS system across our network and many of our clients are actively involved in the WordPress community. Our support team uses it daily so we have a lot of operational experience we can share. WordCamp in particular being non-profit and locally-organized looked like a great way to support the community.

Wiredtree had such a great experience sponsoring WordCamp Chicago, they later went on to sponsor WordCamp Grand Rapids, MI along with a few other events. Getting to connect with clients face-to-face has been invaluable to the company. I then asked Zac whether sponsoring WordCamps correlated with an increase in new customers:

It’s too early yet to say what the effect will be as we’re coming up on the second WordCamp of the year in Dayton, OH, but I can say that feedback on social media has been positive. WordCamp attendees are very passionate folks and we’re passionate about hosting so we think it will go well. In any event, we’re just happy to be a part of it.

I personally want to thank Wiredtree for sponsoring all North American based WordCamps during 2014. The less headaches WordCamp organizers have the better.


4 responses to “WiredTree To Sponsor All North American WordCamps In 2014”

  1. I moved to them about three years ago when I wasn’t getting any help from host gator. Anytime I had issues with a site they have been very helpful. They have great support and are always nice. I don’t even know how I found them, but I don’t really see them being talked about in the WP Community.

  2. I moved away from them after my site was hacked. It was probably my fault for having an old de-activated theme, but I didn’t want to worry about that anymore. I switched to WP Engine and have been happy and secure ever since.

    • Hey Jeff, and Michelle, just wanted to let you know that as a result of reading this article, and, dot dot dot, WordCamp Chicago 2013… I’ve wound up moving to WiredTree. WOW! I’ve probably tried fewer hosts than you guys, but I have tried quite a few, and so far WiredTree is a completely different experience. I’m getting a lot of service at a fair price with great support and good performance. For migration they weren’t able to help with obscure things like sites under ghost.io, but for all the sites under cPanel, the WiredTree techs picked the whole thing up and moved it for me, fast and flawlessly.

      Thanks Jeff & Michelle! My online life today is better than it was the day before I read this article. And isn’t sharing knowledge what WordPress (and WP Tavern and WC Chicago) are all about!?


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