1. Roy

    Your audience includes people who reside in other countries. Not everyone knows the date of Memorial Day.


  2. Mateusz

    That’s why this release should be 4.10.0.


    • Dave

      Exactly. If we really “need” to wait for 5.0 to release Gutenberg (it wasn’t long ago that Matt himself said the x.0 builds weren’t “special”, and now 5.0 is on indefinite hold waiting for HIS big initiative… gg), then I don’t know why we couldn’t have gone to 4.10 for this one.

      2017 = “Minor releases will all happen automatically and will only contain security & maintenance patches. All major functionality will go into a major build to prevent your sites from breaking”

      2018 = “We are throwing out the system we just defined, functionality will now be forced into minor releases and oh wow this is surprising we just broke stuff”


  3. Colin

    A lot of my sites auto updated over night to 4.9.6, these are low usage sites that I hadn’t got round to yet.


  4. Little Binky and Granny

    You don’t know half how relieved we are with this message. Thank you :) You get an extra Pawkiss for that :)


  5. Rene

    > However, automatic updates for WordPress 4.9.6 remain disabled until the release of WordPress 4.9.7.

    Seems that decision has been reverted recently. All my projects were updated a few hours ago automatically. That’s not the first time where I consider to disable the automatic updates :/


  6. Jon

    Two of mine auto-updated last night to 4.9.6.


  7. Steve Teare

    Please tell us which plugins were affected. Thanks.


  8. Mobility

    My sites updated to 4.9.6 overnight, but not all of them?


  9. Nigameash Harihar

    I’m glad auto-updates were disabled. I’d rather an outdated version than a fatal error :)

    I’ve had some issues with the Social Warfare plugin with the last couple of WP releases. Is this a known plugin conflict issue?


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