1. tribalNerd

    Everyone always covers the general stuff :)

    – Email opt-in for coupon, to get people to hit email confirm landing page offer.
    – SMS opt-ins and confirmation offers, they cost money to send but can be worth it.
    – Recurring email video series can do well in the right markets.
    – Using API’s to access and promote SaaS services.
    – Video micro billing for higher quality videos, downloads, or multi-device.

    That’s my quick list… got any that you would add?


  2. Gennady

    – blog *about* WordPress
    – work for Automattic
    – WordPress hosting (sort of SaaS)
    – write a book about WordPress


  3. Joshua Parker

    One would think that there is nothing new under the sun until someone comes up with a unique idea, and we say “why didn’t I think of that”?

    * project management for WordPress consultants utilizing multisie
    * an invite system like evite.


  4. Gennady

    WordPress can become anything you want it to be, with the right amount of good code – a social network, a freelance website, an online store, etc. the sky is the limit. So ultimately, WordPress is just a fantastic platform and with the right tools and knowledge you build almost anything on top of it.

    We are more limited if we are not allowed to change anything in WordPress, but keep it as is, out of the box. This is an important restriction for the discussion, I think, as otherwise we can go on forever, naming ANYTHING that can be built online using WordPress.

    We’ve seen even Integrated Game Development Environments in WordPress, remember back in 2011? http://2011.toronto.wordcamp.org/session/using-wordpress-to-build-interactive-games/ Toronto WordCamp? Again, the sky’s the limit.


  5. Dr Dave Kunselman

    I’m new to WordPress – but very interested in helping to build an interactive blogsite for small-business entrepreneurship for college-age young adults. It is my personal belief that if we take Mark Zuckerberg as an example – we are currently overlooking and missing out on a lot of talent that could make them, us, and (my burden) the neediest in Central America “richer” than they are now. What do you think?


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