Which Theme Company Has The Best Word Of Mouth?

Due to the recording schedule change for WordPress Weekly, these polls will now be conducted every Tuesday instead of every Friday. This week, I want to know which theme company in this list has the best word of mouth advertising. Now, I don’t want you to guess but if the company you continuously hear about from others as a recommendation is in the list, vote for them. If not, add the company name to the comments. No one better mention Thesis because they don’t count.

In my own opinion, WooThemes has the best word of mouth advertising right now. In fact, I’m very impressed with the marketing aspect of the company. Everywhere I look I see Woo this and Woo that. Also, they are doing some cool posts on their WooCamp blog with the theme ShowDowns. While most commercial theme authors have a showcase featuring sites using their theme, ShowDown takes it a step further by getting the audience involved.

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