1. Alessio

    I personally think that author bio’s should be as simple and clean as possible with an avatar, short summary and social icons and maybe depending on the theme related content from the author. I definitely agree that this would be a good addition to the WordPress core given that bio’s have become commonplace on blogs.


    • Carlos

      “Blogs” is only a small part of WordPress real world usage. And one eg. corporate blogpost often has various different authors/editors.

      No need for core block for author. Better fix all those other issues and problems with that manpower.


      • Justin Tadlock

        Post collaboration (i.e., multi-authored posts) is a part of the long-term Gutenberg strategy. It is Phase 3. How that will work is undetermined at this point, but it’s possible we could see the author bio block handle multiple authors in the future if that’s the route that core eventually goes.

        An author bio block also doesn’t necessarily have to be related to “blog post authors” either. In the post, I talked about the need for building a “team” page with multiple user bios. This is an extremely common element on non-blog sites.

        I’d rather see it renamed or have a block that is specific to user accounts and doesn’t necessarily tie it to the concept of an author, which makes it seem blog-centric — it doesn’t have to be.


  2. Kadai Crosshansen

    One of the things that had bothered me the most is the fact that there is no “direct” way to get the current post author information.

    This is because there is not something like “getCurrentPostAuthorInfo” or something… Or at least I have not stumbled upon it yet.

    None the less, it is possible to get an author information using “getCurrentPost” and then “getAuthors” (from ‘core/editor’ and ‘core’ respectively)

    getAuthors actually have a lot of information of the author including meta. So, filling the gaps may be relatively easy too.

    (I have yet to test myself it)


  3. Peter Shaw

    Don’t waste time on this. It is needed but let it be handled by one or more plugins.


  4. T Piwowar

    Too narrowly specific. Will either make most users unhappy because it lacks some “critical” feature or it will make all users unhappy because it will need to have an incomprehensible number of options and variations. Better to let everyone build exactly what they need using elemental components. Possibly useful components should be stand alone, available for use in any block.


  5. Bastian

    Plugin territory


    • Justin Tadlock

      Could you elaborate on why you think this is plugin territory?

      For example, one could argue that this is ideal for core because it would offer a standardized way for themes to display an author bio within their default template design without having to choose between supporting competing plugins.


      • Ronald Huereca

        Having authored a popular User Profile Picture plugin, core would have to do a few things:

        Add a way to change your profile picture besides Gravatar.
        Add a way to add social networks in a user-friendly way.

        I have done both with plugins and have even come up with my own author box blocks in a separate soon-to-be-released plugin.

        Core would have to dive deep in order to make this a good user experience.


  6. Joshua Wold

    So excited to see the discussion and writeup on this. Great work Justin! I’ve been on holiday, and plan to review and followup as soon as I can.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I look forward to seeing if the post and comments have given you and the team any ideas.

      My biggest advice is to think about whether the focus should be narrowly-scoped to blog post authors or whether it should be expanded for multiple use cases (e.g., a team page with multiple user bios). There may also simply be a need to have multiple user-related blocks for different situations.


  7. Alice

    Thanks for your article. I have a question: Do we also need recommended posts in the author’s bio? There are links to social profiles and websites in the bio and I don’t think we should add other blog links of the author.


  8. Sebastian Verlac

    I don’t even have author bio on my blog… I am seriously considering adding one…


  9. MMikael

    This is a good example of WP going in the wrong direction. The core blocks should be generic. When you start to thin what block should look like it is too generic. This leads all WP sites to look the same.


  10. AfroCave

    Personally, I have an author page created with blocks and a simple author bio hooked below the post with a link to my author page. I don’t think an author bio block would work for my blog, but if it is extended to the more ‘corporate’ feel like teams, staff, etc, then that would work for me for other sites.


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