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You know that annoying problem of when you switch to a theme and then switch back to the original, you lose your widget configuration? It looks like that problem has been solved but the WordPress team needs your help on deciding how long your widget configurations should be saved. Amongst the choices provided, I chose to go with Other. When thinking about it, I figure that if Widget configurations can be stored as revisions, then all of the other time periods need not apply. So far, Indefinitely is leading the way but if you use the revisions technique, that seems like indefinite to me just as long as you don’t reset or flush out the revisions. The comments following the poll make for interesting reading.


One response to “Vote In The Widget Survey”

  1. Glad they’re finally discussing it! :) I have been using a plugin to save all my widget settings thus far, but to have it as core would be really useful, and I really like your ‘revisions’ idea, so I have also voted for ‘Other – Revision’ as well.


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