VideoPress Undergoes Major Update

VideoPress has announced a major update to it’s video player. The player has been completely rewritten using the Open Source Media Framework which is MPL-Licensed by Adobe. VideoPress now offers custom skins and partner integrations including stats, Quantcast, and CDN providers. These partner integrations are made simple through the use of OSMF plugins that will enable advertising and analytics built by each potential partner.

The player itself has a few changes as well such as the embed menu being replaced with a Share menu. The videos shortcode and HTML embed snippet are hidden behind a copy to clipboard button. The direct download links have been exposed for videos so you can download them in MP4 (H.264/AAC) and Ogg (Theora/Vorbis) formats. Last but not least, the new flash player supports different languages and if you’re interested in translating the player into even more languages, you can use the VideoPress translation page.


6 responses to “VideoPress Undergoes Major Update”

  1. What they need is HTML5 support for iPhone/iPad devices. If they are storing the data as H.264 MP4 already they should be able to do that. Detect the browser and display the appropriate video embed code (flash for most, html5 for iphone/ipad/etc.).

  2. @Carl Hancock – Yeah. I think they are working on it but they needed to get this new framework done first. It will be nice to see VideoPress videos play just fine on my iPhone.

  3. I’m crossing my fingers that VideoPress will eventually expand into more innovative uses of video – after all these years, no company has offered a simple way for site visitors to leave video comments without first having to jump through the hoop of registering or logging in.

    I realise that I am in a minority in thinking that video comments are a viable and, in specific use cases, a valuable thing – most people presume that the whole concept is dead in the water because Seesmic and Viddler made such a mess of it, but one day some company will realise that if you lower the barrier to entry sufficiently, and present people with one simple big red record button, the concept will take hold and establish itself as a useful ancillary to text comments.

    I truly hope that Automattic will be that company.

    I also agree with Carl and Jeff on HTML5 support – I am astonished at how much I find myself using my iPad, it seems to be a much faster way to work through my RSS feeds and check out new sites, I’m pretty sure that the number of people using these things will rocket once folks get the chance to sit down and try their friends’ or family members’ iPads.

    I also gather that the new iPhone screen is also excellent for watching video, so, I hope VideoPress will get ahead of the curve and make sure that their users aren’t disappointing a significant percentage of their visitors.

  4. I also wish VideoPress sign up wasn’t tied to a account. While I understand it is integrated with, it should be treated more like PollDaddy as a separate business unit.

    Plenty of people need video solutions for their web sites so why not have it be standalone WITH integration within rather than requiring a user sign up for it via a account upgrade?

    VideoPress is perfect for businesses and plenty of them have their own sites, they aren’t necessarily using Now I understand they can just sign up for a account and then sign up for VideoPress but that seems so unnecessary when the goal is to make publishing videos easier and quicker.

  5. Just checked the videopress download sourcecode and so far it has not been updated. Guessing these new features are not going to be made available to users running self hosted videopress, at least not at the moment. The code offered to us for download has not been updated in 10 months now.

    One thing I have never understood about videopress is why they don’t offer live broadcasting. I am already running my own flashcomm cluster for live broadcasting. It would be really great to somehow tie that into videopress someday as the UI would be integrated so much better than what I have now.


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