Video Explains Open Source Using LEGO Blocks

WordPress has benefited greatly from being Open Source software licensed under the GPL. But what does Open Source actually mean? The folks over at Bit Blueprint in partnership with Moving Monday released a video using LEGO bricks and toys to explain the subject.

Open Source Explained By LEGO
Open Source Explained By LEGOs

While the video is not 100% accurate since Free Software and Open Source are two different movements with different ideological motives, it does a great job of introducing people to the subject.

We are aware of the fact that the Free Software and Open Source movements have both similarities and differences. Both in terms of individuals and ideological motives. We wanted to have our video tell a simple story for everyone to understand, so we included a character, Richard Stallman, as a symbol of the origin of the movements. History is rarely this simple – the complex (and historically correct) reality is of course that the founders of the movements are a lot of different individuals.

The video also does a good job to dispel common myths associated with open source software such as:

  • Not having any control over your work (False)
  • Open equals unsafe (False)
  • Everything is or must be free (False)

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