VersionPress Will Offer Optional Services to Fund Plugin Development

Version Control Featured Image
Version Control Featured Image

Borek Bernard, co-founder of VersionPress, published an update on the company’s blog that details the progress of version 4.0. According to Bernard, the team is making headway on providing third-party plugin support which is a major feature of 4.0. Composer workflows will be in the release and the team has hired a user experience expert and a React developer to explore ways to improve the plugin’s workflows.

The company also announced that it’s launching services that will be optional, hosted in the cloud, and used to generate revenue to fund plugin development. “Don’t worry, this doesn’t change how we approach the core project which will always be free, open source and containing all the features,” Bernard said.

“Our experience from VersionPress combined with the endless effort to identify areas of WordPress that could be improved will bring something innovative and useful. The services will be aimed at WordPress professionals who want to manage WordPress sites better.”

Those who want to be notified of when the services are available can sign up to the company’s mailing list.


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