VersionPress Co-Founder Shares His Thoughts on Mergebot

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Mergebot is a new SaaS solution by Delicious Brains Inc., that simplifies the database merging process making it somewhat similar to VersionPress. Although he hasn’t used the service as it’s still in early beta, Bernard compares the two and provides insight into how Mergebot possibly accomplishes database merging at a technical level.

“On the outside, VersionPress and Mergebot are vastly different”, Bernard said. “One is an open source project that you run locally on your site, has no dependency on an external service, but has a local dependency on Git which makes it hard to run on shared hosts, you never send the data anywhere, pay nothing etc.

“Mergebot is practically the opposite in all the points above, being a paid SaaS app, partly proprietary, etc. There’s no good or bad here and I’m sure Mergebot’s approach and the strong and reputable company behind it will attract many professional WordPress users.”

Because both solutions work with a similar schema that describes relations in the WordPress database, it’s possible that in the future, both companies could merge their efforts into one.

“I’ve actually reached out to the Mergebot guys back in May to discuss this,” Bernard said. “Both sides felt that the unification could or should happen one day but it’s too early for that. The formats are still developing. For example, we’re still refining the format for VersionPress and I’m sure they’re doing the same with the JSON.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the challenges of database merging, I encourage you to read Bernard’s post. It’s also refreshing to see competitors acknowledge and support each others products in a way that benefits users.


4 responses to “VersionPress Co-Founder Shares His Thoughts on Mergebot”

  1. From what I understand of VersionPress, it’s more focused on version controlling a single instance of a website. As far as I understand, it doesn’t achieve two of the main things I’m excited about Mergebot because of:

    – to provide teams working on a single website with a way of merging databases when they’ve been working on two seperate instances of the same site during development on a platform like Vagrant (as commonly happens in larger agencies).
    – to provide a way to merge a development database into a live database without having to redo all the posting of content, updating of options etc as you currently have to do.

    While what VersionPress does is valuable, what Mergebot will bring – if the guys are successful – is nothing short of game changing when it comes to the development of larger sites.

    I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong though. :)

    • Happy to correct you in both points :)

      VersionPress = bringing the power of Git to WordPress. Whatever you can do with Git in a standard software project, you can now do in a WordPress project as well. This includes branching and merging (incl. database), undoing things, pushing the whole project to GitHub and restoring on another machine, again, including database, etc.


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