1. Coen Jacobs

    However, it must be noted that only the Network’s main site will have their users table, plugins, and themes backed up. For non-main sites, VaultPress will not backup users, plugins, or themes.

    So it backs up everything (since users, plugins and themes are shared across all sites)?


  2. Jeffro

    @Coen Jacobs – I don’t use WordPress Multi-site so I have no idea what the difference is between a Network Main Site and some other non-main site.


  3. Andrea_R

    @Coen Jacobs – that was my point when I wrote about it at wpmututorials.

    In multisite, there’s only one set of files (except for user uploads) so if you;re loking at vaultpress for the security aspect, just get it on the main site and do regualr backups for the rest.


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    I’ve been trying to get my head around how this works, and I think I’ve got it now. Here’s my best guess on what’s going on …

    Plugins and themes are backed up just as as they normally would. However the plugins and themes activated for each site are NOT backed up, as are the posts, comments etc. So basically what you need is a single VaultPress subscription for the main network site (as Andrea suggested) and then use a standard backup system (I think BackupBuddy can do this now) to handle backing up the databases and uploads folders for each individual site.

    VaultPress will presumably need to do a full security scan through the entire install, so having a subscription for each individual site in a network isn’t really necessary since you get the primary benefit of VaultPress (security scanning) automatically with that single subscription.

    Now that I’ve typed this out, I think it’s the same thing Andrea was getting at over on WPMuTutorials.com … http://wpmututorials.com/news/vaultpress-now-for-multisite/\


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