VaultPress Now Supports WordPress Multisite

VaultPress has announced that the latest edition of the plugin now supports WordPress Multisite. This has been a killer feature that owners of large multisite installs have been waiting for. VaultPress will automatically backup each site that is installed within the network. However, it must be noted that only the Network’s main site will have their users table, plugins, and themes backed up. For non-main sites, VaultPress will not backup users, plugins, or themes.

The money maker for VaultPress lies within the fact that each site within the network will require it’s own subscription as if they were individual sites. There is not a plan that specifically covers multisite installations. Unless the sites within your network are making you some decent cash, this could potentially wipe you out from month to month and you’ll need to decide as a site administrator how much that peace of mind is going to cost you. On the flip side, the way they have structured their plans allows you to only backup the most valuable sites within your network providing you with more flexibility.

With regards to plan pricing, Pete Davies responded to a comment by Donnacha regarding a sliding pricing scale. It looks like it’s an opportunity that could be tapped into in the future.

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