VaultPress Issues First Set Of Invites

We haven’t heard much about VaultPress since its launch on March 31st but today, the site has started to roll out the first round of beta invites. Considering the nature of the service where backups are a continous event, they are controlling the growth of the service through the invite system. What’s interesting and what may spark a lot more interest is the fact that early customers are getting a lifetime discount applied to their subscription while the price will go up to the premium level once VaultPress goes public.

To generate buzz and perhaps allow people to move ahead in line, Matt encourages you to blog about why you want to use VaultPress and then link to the blog post. Alternatively, you can use the hashtag #vaultpress on twitter. So far, I’ve yet to receive my invite but I’ll be keeping an eye on my inbox. If you were lucky enough to snag an invite, let us know about your experience in the comments.

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  1. I’m in the middle of my first Vaultpress backup and it’s been almost a day, with what looks like another 3-5 days to complete. It’s “evaluating” the tables row-by-row. Slowly. I’m terrified as to how long a restore will take. I’m trying to get an answer there on that now.

    In searching around for another solution, I found BlogVault. It looks terrific, I’m wondering why you have not covered that product.

    (By the way, what plugin do you use for this nice comments entry? It’s great.)


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