1. Chris Winkle

    I doubt Google will be policing narrative or trying to. Judging by their examples, “story” is mostly just a buzzword; they are not actually intending for all of them to have narratives in any meaningful sense. I’m pretty sure what they mean by that guideline is that the slides need to share a topic. For instance, it would be weird for a PowerPoint presentation to have slides with no relation to each other.


    • Nope

      As an almost 9 year experience SEO I can tell you that Google bot can detect narrative, semantics, meaning, natural language processing and many things that others would think impossible. Their AI is extremely powerful and trained over millions of books and tons of content. It’s not manual work, it is a very very very powerful AI.


      • Chris Winkle

        I would quibble with what AI’s are capable of in regards to narrative structure, but in this case that’s actually besides the point. My argument is not that Google can’t judge narrative, but that Google won’t. Their own examples of these “Stories” aren’t really stories. Therefore the intent behind that particular rule is probably just to make sure that each “Story” sticks to a topic. How and whether they enforce that rule is another matter.


  2. Jim S Smith

    Why use Google for anything that can be so subjectively judged, and often be at odds with plain common sensibilities of the average reader?

    This just reeks of another “bait-and-switch”, to try to gain more notoriety for themselves, even to pave over their other devious and less-than-ideal behavior.


    Perhaps Google has forgotten one major draw-back: “The Internet does not just belong to them!”


  3. Constantin

    Thank you for this great article. I‘m wondering what would be the reasons for adding the format of stories to your website, when there is already insta, a platform made for this kind of information with way higher chances of organic attention to the content?
    Alternatively, an insta account could be created and the feed or stories can be displayed on the website with certain plugins


  4. Aaron Victor Winnercoz

    This is something hard but my question is, are blog without web stories gonna suffer on search Engines


  5. Sikedestroya

    Web stories look like a very attractive and much user-friendly way to replace “listicles” which were so much popular a few years ago ( “prev” and “next” arrows all around were very annoying. What interests me, and I don’t see anyone has written about this is whether am I allowed to place an affiliate link in web stories format? Thanks!


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