Using Plugins To Get Out Of Debt

You have to give Daniel a lot of credit. He recently published his personal quest to conquer non-mortgage debt by selling his plugins. The debt amounted to $67,000 and he was able to pay it off in just 8 months. He is now creating an emergency fund equal to six months of income. But how did he conquer that monster the majority of us know as debt? He made the tough choice to sell two of the first plugins he ever developed despite them bringing in 4-5 thousand dollars in monthly recurring revenue. The plugins he sold were, AIM, and PayPal Express.

We were sick and tired of our debt hindering us from being able to follow our passion of slow travel with our family as digital tentmakers. Our one goal became cleaning up our financial mess and removing that hurdle. So when we received the offer to sell we asked “Does this get us to our goal?” and the answer was “Yes.”

Congratulations Daniel on beheading the monster that is debt. I hope your story serves as inspiration for many others to accomplish the same feat.

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