1. Devin Walker

    So a backup provider for another company that doesn’t provide backups shut down because they didn’t have proper backups. Ironic?


  2. @Gene_us

    I chalk this up to pure laziness. Envato, as much as I feel they are a bad company who should go out of business makes one thing clear, download your files whilst they are available. I too have lost a number of files due to a hard drive crash. Every time an item is updated, I download it even though I might not be using it.

    Being old school about archiving your data is still the safest, most foolproof way of ensuring you are not reliant on a company to backup your files.


    • Freddy Lundekvam

      It’s always recommended, regardless of what you backup or who your backup provider is, that you store the same backup locally without using a third-party.

      Tools like Upvato and Dropbox are generally very convenient when you need remote access to your backups or as an extra layer of security, but should never, in any way, be trusted entirely as your sole backup solution.

      The failure we now experienced with Upvato is a horrible one that shouldn’t occure. Ever. But we, like any other backup provider, can still not guarantee 100% accessbility and availability for your backed up files over a permanent timeline. System failure is imminent and will always occure at some point, it’s not a question of “what if”, merely “when”.


  3. Jeffrey

    When it comes to the backup service, it boils down to how much you can trust the company you choose. That’s why I pick Google Drive as my backup service.


  4. Tai



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