1. Luke Cavanagh

    Seems like a good fit, WP-Optimize works very well.


  2. David Anderson

    Just to clarify – it’d be possible to read the article as saying that WP-Optimize will cease to exist in its present form, and instead will be folded into UpdraftCentral. That’s not the plan. WP-Optimize will continue to be developed as a regular plugin to be used as now. What is planned, is that it will also become possible to operate your WP-Optimize install remotely through your UpdraftCentral multiple-site remote-control dashboard.

    We have plenty of other plans to improve it too. Stay tuned!



  3. Ruhani Rabin

    I’m excited to see the future journey. Thank you UpdraftPlus.

    @wptavern, I think the last paragraph is originally quoted from David :)


  4. Sagar Patil

    that’s really good news! wp optimize is very good plugin, i used on multiple site for db work.


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