1. Jay Syder

    Like most things if you keep stuff updated you are fine.


  2. Josiah Rooney

    Or just uninstall Flash and not worry about it again. Protest against outdated web technology. If a website requires Flash, it is telling the world that it refuses to adapt to modern web technology and I don’t bother with it.


  3. Hussam Al-Tayeb

    I run Linux and Firefox. While they are doing a great job fixing security bugs, I just removed flash. I only lost kongregate games but that’s about it.
    It’s probably less than 5 years till Mozilla Shumway is ready for prime time (I will wait till then before installing shumway). Most flash websites (apart from the flash games sites) will have migrated to html5 by then anyway.


  4. Jimmy Smutek

    Visit Adobe’s Flash Player download page to determine which version you’re using and upgrade if necessary.

    Just an aside, I didn’t see installed version information on that page. Might have just been me, but you can definitely find out which version you have installed here – http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

    Hope this is helpful!


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