1. Bob Dunn

    I’m with you there Sarah. This looks great and I’ve used the images before. But as you said, hopefully we won’t start seeing and overuse on WP sites :)


  2. Anggara

    nice, this looks great for my website


  3. blair2004

    Simple design for amazing images… very awesome. Thank’s Sarah. However, Unsplash should add meta data to images with a search engine, i’ll be more easier to get exactly want we need.

    Greeting !!!


  4. Nick Haskins

    “My only concern is that, with the growing popularity of Unsplash, some of the photos begin to look cliché and commonplace after you’ve seen them used on dozens of sites across the web”

    This is so true. I’m already seeing the same images used on different companies websites and we’re in the process of capturing our own images because of this.


  5. Lab of Oz

    Ha that’s awesome!

    As for the cliche-ness: *we’re* starting to see them everywhere, however, I doubt they’ll seem as common to our visitors/clients as they do to us.


  6. Keith Davis

    Used Unsplash images on this post – fabulous images and I agree with Bob “hopefully we won’t start seeing and overuse on WP sites”


  7. Hans-Helge

    Nice Plugin. I use Unsplash regularly and this plugin looks good to improve me workflow. Thx for sharing


  8. Jerome

    Unsplash was a nice idea. Was… But not anymore.
    As many others, they fall into the “instagram” syndrome – the worst thing that happened for photography in this century so far – and most of their pictures are now looking as crappy as most of “illustrations” you can find on the web.
    “Fabulous images”, “awesome”, “amazing images”… come on guys, which planet are you living on?


  9. Darren

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much the article on my plugin! I hope everyone enjoys using it – it was a blast to build :)



  10. Ossie

    I love Unsplash images so will definitely be checking out this plugin. Thanks


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