UI Enhancement Suggestion – Visual Cue For Media Library Searching

I have a suggestion for WordPress 3.7 that I believe is a UI element to the media library. I have a number of images within the media library. When I do a search for a specific image e.g. Codex which I know is the exact file name, the search is performed with no sign that anything is actually happening. Sometimes, it takes so long for any images to show up that I start running scenarios through my mind such as I broke the site or it can’t find any images. Then, suddenly, the search results pop up. So I’m requesting that a spinning circle or other visual cue be displayed when a media search is taking place. It’s better to know that something is happening versus looking at a blank page that gives the user no clue as to what’s going on.

Media Library Search Results
Is it searching or is the site broke?

I was pointed in the direction of Ticket 22754 as being related but I don’t think so. If anyone comes across a ticket where this is already being addressed, please share it in the comments. I searched through Trac myself and came up empty.


  1. Looks like a blank image…is there supposed to be an image attached in the post?


  2. @Jonathan – Nope, that was intentional and illustrates my point that when nothing is displayed while the search is processing, you can easily get the sense that something is broke.


  3. @Jeffro – Ah..gotcha, makes sense.

    I wonder if there’s a plugin to go back to the old way of media management and setting featured images, I still haven’t adjusted to the many steps it requires to add media with the recent overhaul.


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