1. Tada Burke

    Wow, haven’t heard Ghostscript in a long long time since my Pre-Press days. Thanks for the article. This is an interesting one to watch. Of course they would try the dismissal but playing hardball will end up worse for them.


    • fwolf

      GS is part of most printing solutions, esp. the ones used on the Mac. Ie. Apple has taken over development of CUPS .. which also includes extensive GS support.

      Lots of something to PDF uses Ghostscript as well, and of corpse all the Fax-to-mail / Mail-to-Fax software, too.

      cu, w0lf.


  2. Mike Schinkel

    Finally, a court might now make a ruling on the GPL and set a legal precedent! It would be great to have clear boundaries related to GPL and hopefully squash all the arguments from opinionated preference that so often occurs around GPL.

    Let the chips fall where they should.


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