1. DJ Johnny Medley

    This is very exciting and I love where WordPress is going! Starting using Blocksy for a quick environmental project (https://cleanthechi.com/) based upon your excellent, in-depth coverage, Justin. We’re having loads of fun… Cheers!


  2. Kjell Reigstad

    For now, template parts do not seem to be working on the front end.

    A handful of us noticed this during testing — in that case, it happened if we loaded the theme from a subdirectory instead of directly in wp-content/themes. This will be fixed in 9.3:



  3. carolina nymark

    Yeah I am seeing this problem too but it I can’t reproduce it consistenly.

    I can’t see what the breaking pattern is exactly since some themes work and some don’t.
    I am newer surw of if it is FSE or the individual theme that is broken.

    It is making it difficult to work with and test FSE.


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