Turning Your WordPress Powered Site Into An iPhone App

WPlift.com has a cool tutorial on how they used WiziApp to turn their site into a native iPhone app. Is this the next trend or an ongoing trend?  Also, looking at those payment plans, it looks like an expensive way to turn your site into an iPhone app but I bet it’s cheaper than paying an experienced developer to do it.

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  1. While WiziApp looks like a cool plugin, as an iPhone user, I wouldn’t want to have a separate app for every blog that I read. Using Safari and a single RSS app is much more convenient.


  2. I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face ever since people suggest making a phone App for websites, please just make a mobile friendly version instead, we don’t need or want a phone App for every website!


  3. WPtouch is a great plugin that turns your WordPress site into a smartphone friendly website. You don’t really need anything else.


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