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The Internet is made up of millions or perhaps billions of websites. To visually put the Internet in perspective is difficult. Martin Vargic also known as The9988 on has published a miniscule portion of what he thinks the Internet would look like on a world map. Martin states that 1.0 is not the final version and that additional software companies and websites will be added.

South Park Is An Island
South Park Is and Island

I was able to locate WordPress on the map along with Jetpack, bbPress, Captcha, NextGen, WooCommerce, Akismet, and Mike Little. I don’t care whether the map is accurate or not. I just think it’s cool to see so many websites and technology companies represented in this fashion. It’s interesting to see Akismet as a little blip while spam ocean is huge. After you find WordPress, let me know in the comments what other gems you discovered.


6 responses to “Try To Locate WordPress On The Map”

  1. cool map a few issues with it mainly the small size of wordpress even should be bigger than it’s represented there ignoring the fact about a third of active sites use wordpress i’d argue it should as big as microsoft is on there anyway thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, and Google could be the entire map really between all of their services and such. I could see WordPress the self hosted project as a giant country with being a smaller country, perhaps an island. But overall, it’s a cool map.

  2. It’s interesting to see also the capital cities of each “country” represented in the map. For example, WordPress has two capital cities, Little and Mullenweg but Mullenweg is on also the capital city of Shopify, and therefore is on the border. I definitely think that WordPress should be much, much bigger.
    Funny to see Mega Upload declared “Destroyed by The Capitol”!
    Very interesting reading

  3. Love the effort that went in to creating that map. Well done.

    @Jeff, I think between porn and Google they could each form their own planet. ;)


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