Tom McFarlin Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For PodsCamp

Running a conference is usually an expensive endeavor. Scott Kingsley Clark is finding out personally as he continues to work towards putting on the first ever PodsCamp, a conference devoted to the Pods Framework. Tom McFarlin hopes to ease budget concerns and has started a Crowd Tilt campaign for PodsCamp.

Crowd Tilt Campaign For PodsCamp
Crowd Tilt Campaign For PodsCamp

The campaign is set to tilt at $1,500 with $3,000 being the target amount. According to the campaign description, it offers an opportunity for people to give back to the project.

Since the Pods team has given so much to WordPress in a variety of ways and since I know how generous the WordPress community is, I’d love to raise some money to help out with the finances of the conference.

No amount is too small. Seriously – $1.00 is helpful – but I know that Scott and his team are doing amazing things for WordPress, and I know that many of us are benefiting from it – or will benefit from it – in some way.

An alternative to donating is to purchase a ticket for $50 and attend the event. It’s October 3rd in Dallas, TX, and will focus on all things Pods. It’s the first time the entire development team will be in the same physical location.

If you’ve been thinking about donating to the Pods plugin, consider contributing to the campaign to help Clark put on a phenomenal conference.

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