1. Justin Tadlock

    If you’re a writer, keeping up with all the rules in the English language is tough. One rule I struggle with is properly capitalizing words in post titles and headings.

    What makes this even tougher is that the “rule” you speak of is actually completely different depending on the stylebook you follow. I lean toward the sentence style employed by many journalists when writing blog posts. It’s the style I learned in journalism classes at Auburn University. However, I also had to always keep a copy of “The Chicago Manual of Style” handy for my English classes.

    You think you’re confused? Try taking multiple English and journalism classes at the same time, each with their own stylebooks.


  2. Giulio

    And if you struggle with this, can you imagine how difficult it can be for a non native speaker? I’m always uncertain of what to do when I write a title. This plugin is a life saver :-)


  3. Heather Atchison

    Thanks for sharing. But there’s very little use for this in the UK, where most people follow a sentence case capitalisation style for titles and headings.


  4. Tom McFarlin

    Jeff – thanks for covering this! Definitely didn’t expect to see this on WP Tavern when browsing Feedly this morning :).

    As far as the grammatical rules are concerned, when I have the chance to refactor some of the code for the next iteration of the plugin, I’m hoping to make it easier for other developers to include their rulesets for capitalizations.

    That way, regardless of the type of English that you use, you’ll be able to use the plugin.


  5. Sarah Pressler

    I love this plugin! It’s been a favorite for a while. It’s so nice to just be able to write and let the plugin do the legwork. Tom’s one smart dude!


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