Things You Should Know About WordPress 3.3

Aaron Brazell of has come through once again with his traditional 10 things you should know post, this time covering WordPress 3.3. The article covers mostly the user experience side of WordPress 3.3 but Aaron also points developers in the direction of the ever changing Codex article for 3.3 that they should take note of. With four different beta releases and a pretty long development cycle, plugin and theme authors have no excuses for any incompatibilities that may arise due to lack of testing.

I’d say that the drag and drop media uploader will probably end up being the most talked about aspect of WordPress 3.3. After using a test version of WordPress for a little while, I’ve become quite fond of the new media uploader.

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  1. Have you seen the new welcome screen? Upgrade to trunk once again. It’s nifty. :)


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