Thesis Creator On WP Community Podcast

Thesis creator Chris Pearson was the special guest on last weeks episode of the WordPress Community Podcast with Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes. There is at least one sticking point in the conversation that I can readily agree with Chris Pearson on and that’s the lack of synergy between the front-end and back-end of WordPress. Just about everything requires you to log into the back-end of WordPress to do anything, whether it be editing a post, a comment, a text widget, etc. One of the coolest things that SquareSpace offers over WordPress is the ability to manage most of the site from the front-end. Not only is this a major time saver, but it just makes sense to have certain tasks be accomplished without having to go through an administrative interface.

I know there is a plugin that bridges the gap right now called Front-end Editor by Scribu and I think some themes can accomplish this goal but at some point in the future, this synergy between the front and back-end of WordPress will happen and it will be a big shift in efficiently managing a WordPress site. Going through an administrative interface to accomplish anything is the OLD way of doing things. I’m ready for the NEW way!


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