1. Kees Snepvangers

    Why should links always be underlined. An underline draws attention to itself as being something important. Many of the links in my texts are not important but serve as a reference. Underlining a link will only distract attention from the text.

    Incidentally, I think it’s a strange move. The block editor gives the author maximum freedom to format his text however he wants and thinks it is right. Why a more or less compulsory regulation about the format of the link?


  2. Carolina Nymark

    This requirement is going to affect a very small amount of theme authors. It is not a wide spread problem at all, but one that has a big impact for users when the style is missing.

    The majority do underline their content links.

    Other theme authors add underlines when I show them a screenshot of the post content and ask them to point out where the link is and they realize they can’t find it :)


    • Justin Tadlock

      One thing I didn’t see discussed and thought about later was non-standard underline methods like using a border or background-image tricks. Does the team have an official stance on that?

      Also, could other methods of highlighting a link get a pass? I have seen some interesting background-color/highlight methods. Underlines are traditional and the best route for the majority of themes. I also understand I’m talking edge cases. However, I was just wondering if there are some situations that might make for an exception.


  3. Bianca

    Quote: Why should links always be underlined?

    Like Clair and Miroslav pointed out already, it’s for accessibility. Ask yourself if someone colorblind, or otherwise visually impaired, is able to find the links on your website. Besides there are ways to make the links draw less attention to them, still being underlined.
    See this for example: https://css-tricks.com/styling-links-with-real-underlines/


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