1. Carl Hancock

    The themes aren’t just similar to StudioPress themes, both of the themes up for vote even feature the exact same video screenshot in the designs. Look at them and then look at this:


    The video is the exact same one. They lifted it, obviously they didn’t just randomly select the same video from YouTube, etc.

    Which is fine, it’s all good as far as licensing concerns… gotta love the GPL. They aren’t doing anything wrong from that perspective.

    BUT if you are going to have some of “Theme Wars” at least have good looking themes up to vote. Bland isn’t going to cut it, nor build excitement.


  2. Ryan

    Doesn’t look like much of a theme war if they’re just making minor modifications to existing themes. If it is a war, then they’ve lost miserably to Brian Gardner. The originals look a lot better than the modified versions.


  3. Dan Cole

    By the looks of the FAQ, the themes on that site are not GPL.


  4. Leland

    I was initially excited about Theme Wars and thought it was a pretty cool idea, but after Carl pointed out that all the themes were sold anyway, turns out the voting is pretty much pointless.

    @Dan Cole, I think you’re right. Looking at the FAQ it says, “No. Unfortunately, we aren’t offering any resale agreements at this time,” which seems to imply that the themes aren’t GPL.


  5. Jeffro

    Thanks guys for pointing that out, I’ve edited the post to reflect that information. Not only can you not resell the themes, but you can only use the theme on multiple domains if you purchase the developers license which is another restriction.


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