1. Calvin Freitas

    I’ve enjoyed your writing over the last couple of years and it will be missed. Good luck on your journey and with finding a new career!


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    Jeff, I enjoyed WPT and your podcasts.

    I said this 3 times to you in the past and this will be #4: Ever thought of getting a partner? Someone else write reviews as well. Someone else to help you out with the podcast.

    I went through a burn out, my own site died out for a year. I now have a partner who will help me out with things. You can’t do everything yourself.

    I hope you stay in the WordPress community and WPTavern at least as part-time.


  3. doug arnold


    For all you’ve done, this haiku is for you:
    When i reached the top

    i turned and saw—more mountains…

    more than open source.
    peace and gratitude,
    doug arnold,
    mansfield, ma


  4. Ed Sutherland

    Jeff, I can truly understand your predicament. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.


  5. Lester Chan

    Nice knowing you Jeff! All the best in your career and keep in touch!


  6. Emil

    Good luck Jeff and thanks for great articles!


  7. Chip Bennett

    I hate hearing, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” from one of my favorite WordPress community sites. I’m looking forward to see how things progress from here, Jeff, and I hope to see you involved in the community as you find the time, energy, and motivation.


  8. Bradley Potter

    Jeff, your enthusiasm for WordPress inspired a lot of people, me included. I really enjoyed the podcasts, especially the interviews and the after-show that often times ran for many hours. I truly appreciate what you have done for the WordPress community over the years and wish you the very best.


  9. Ryan

    Sad to see you go.

    One request: Please don’t throw the forum out. There’s a lot of content in there which is useful to people. I’m sure someone out there would be keen to take it over, redirect it elsewhere etc.


  10. Mark Bailey


    You will be missed. You can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

    Best of luck in everything!



  11. Tony Cosentino

    Hi Jeff,
    So sorry to hear you have reached burnout stage in essence.

    I completely understand as you are in a tough space to make a living as a one man show.

    I wish you all the best in finding something more substantial as an income generator so that one day you can return to this area when you have less financial pressure riding on it.

    I have really appreciated your efforts to make this website such a rich resource and hope that it will continue into the future as your legacy to the WordPress community.

    Ryan is right the forumns need to continue as there is so much useful information there.

    Kind regards,


  12. JLeuze

    It’s a dark day for WordPress, sorry to hear you’re leaving the tavern Jeff. But I hope we’ll still see you around, good luck with your career!


  13. Shayne

    Best of luck friend. Family is always first.


  14. Don West

    Do what you enjoy, but…bill paying is best attacked by not acquiring the bills in the first place ;-) If you’re like most of us though, you won’t learn that until you’re 50, despite having a 53 year old tell you today :-)
    So, for paying the bills and never having to worry about unemployment, enter the medical field. You can live anywhere there is a hospital and pretty much work the hours you want. The more you acquire certificate wise the better off you’ll be money wise and task wise. Op-nurse, anesthetist, radiologist tech…lots of options, great careers. You’ll be taking care of people like me. You’re a smart one who can commit to a good thing so that gives me comfort as a future patient :-) Go for it! And all the best to you my good man!


  15. strebel

    Good luck in all your future endeavors.


  16. Dre

    Best of luck Jeff, to you and WPT!


  17. Ozh

    Good luck for all the rest Jeff!


  18. Kimberly Castleberry

    Jeff, thanks for all you have done for the WordPress community and providing many of us with a great resource and community. I wish you the very best (and hope to see you back soon!)


  19. David Gwyer

    Personally, I will really miss the WordPress Weekly podcasts. I would have paid a subscription (and still would) to keep listening to them alone!

    The ones about theme development a couple of years ago really stoked my interest in WordPress development, and motivated me to code exclusively in WordPress full time!

    Good luck Jeff!


  20. Faith

    So sad to see you go, I’m a newbie but I’ve been lurking and reading for awhile now and I’ll definitely miss your presence. Good luck in whatever you do!


  21. MV

    I feel you. When I was younger I had to put my blog in a long hiatus to pull things together on the offline world. All the best!


  22. Andreas Nurbo

    Like Gwyer and others I too will miss the WordPress Weekly podcasts. They were different from everything else. Hope too see you team up with the other WP podcasting folks because what you did filled a spot.

    We’ll welcome you back when you return which you most likely will in some form =).


  23. Michael Martin

    Sorry to hear that Jeff. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts both here and on WTC. Definitely a shame to see you go :(

    I guess you’re right though. You have to look after yourself and your family, and that means a good, steady income. No way around it. :(

    Best of luck with the new career!


  24. kat

    I can certainly empathize with your need to prioritize because often the things we’re good at and like doing don’t put money in our pocket, and at the end of the day the bills need to get paid. No doubt. What we need vs. what we want. A pity to lose someone with a unique perspective and voice, but thank YOU.


  25. Brian Layman

    Thanks for all you’ve done Jeff! You’ve really helped forward the movement. It’s much appreciated!


  26. Mitch Canter

    I’ve been there. My own blogs have cobwebs because I am too busy creating other people’s masterpieces. I’m so busy helping everyone else that I neglect my own stuff. So, I really know exactly where you’re coming from.

    That said, You’ve still done so much for the WP community through this site. We’ll miss it, for sure.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.


  27. Amor

    Thank you also for everything that you’ve done for the WordPress community. It’s sad that you’re leaving WPTavern. Godspeed, and best of luck in all your future endeavors.


  28. Matt

    This is really sad. Jeff, you will be missed and I hope you come back to it someday. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help.


  29. David Gwyer

    Jeff, before giving up completely on WP Tavern in terms of income, why don’t you just post a poll or something to see the number of people who would be willing to spend a couple of bucks a month to subscribe to WordPress Weekly.

    If enough people subscribed this would be a great revenue stream for you, and you would have time to make it even greater than it has been in the past! You could also compile all the archives, after show material etc. and make them accessible to subscribers.

    What have you got to lose..?


  30. Paul Hastings

    We’re going to miss you dude.


  31. Christina Warren

    While I totally understand your decision, the community is a smaller place without you. It’s the people like you — those that don’t code — that drive the adoption of WordPress every day. The fact that regular people can use the CMS without having to pull their hair out is why it has become so ubiquitous. You spoke for the users; it’s an important voice.

    It sucks that this wasn’t sustainable as a career — and that life got in the way (as it tends to do) — but I hope you are proud of all that you have achieved. It’s something to be proud of for sure.

    I remember when you first interviewed me, I think it was in late 2007 or early 2008 — and I was just starting out in what has become my career. That seems like a lifetime ago.

    I wish you nothing but the best in the future — find your passion and stick with it. Following your house-fixing adventures through Twitter, it seems like that might be a great career for you. You have a knack for it and it is certainly a skill most of us don’t have and are definitely willing to pay those that do have it (I just moved to New York City — well, Brooklyn — and my apartment doesn’t have central air, so we had to buy some window units to prepare for summer. It cost me $75 per unit (so $225) on top of the $140 unit price for a guy to spend maybe 30 minutes total installing the damn things…that might have been excessive but we didn’t trust ourselves to do it).

    Good luck Jeff and thanks for everything you’ve given the community!


  32. Jonathan Dingman

    It’s been great having you as part of the community, Jeff, and I hope you at least stage some-what actively involved with the community.

    Keep up the great work for whatever you end up doing next.


  33. Kim

    Makes me sad to read this, but I fully understand where you are coming from. Life has a way of throwing speed bumps at us that require a detour from our plans. Some detours are temporary, others permanent, and others lead us to what we really should have been doing with our lives all along. I know, as I’m in “temporary detour” mode right now.

    You’ve done so much for the WordPress community – the podcast, your blog posts and the Tavern have all brought WordPress to the attention of a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t have become involved. You have much to be proud of.

    I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the podcast, whether as an audience member or as part of a guest panel on occasion. That allowed me to meet and become friends with some really awesome people, yourself included, that I otherwise might have never met or talked with.

    I do hope that you’ll come visit our NEO WordPress meetup group from time to time, when you’re able, to keep yourself somewhat involved with the WordPress project.

    Your voice will truly be missed. And to add to what the others have said – THANK YOU for everything.


  34. Jaypee

    Sad to hear this. WPTavern has been one of the best sources of WordPress stuff for me and many other users. Anyways, wish you all the best in your career or whatever endeavor you choose to undertake. Like what Shane said, family is always first.


  35. Flick

    Hi Jeff

    I just wanted to wish you all the best with your future endeavours. All good things must come to an end or at least be on pause for a while, especially when other commitments become more important, but like the others have already said, your contribution to the WordPress community both online and offline will not be forgotten.

    As a fellow ‘user’ who loves WordPress but never committed the time and effort to discovering it and the community the way you have done, I have always thought that your dedication was a true inspiration and a gold standard of how WP enthusiasts should be.

    I know it sounds really cheesy (or corny in the US?) but hand-on-heart, whenever I reflected on my piddly attempts at being a true WP enthusiast, I always measured what I had done compared to what you had achieved and therefore always knew I could and should do more.

    Hopefully your hiatus away from the community will not be for very long but only when you are ready; the college route sounds great and I can tell you that some plumbers in the UK, for instance, are reputed to earn similar salaries to solicitors and other so called ‘professionals’ and that people have given up other career paths to retrain as one.

    Whatever happens: good luck and we’ll be cheering for you :)


  36. Oliver Schlöbe

    All the best for you, Jeff. Has been a pleasure to read your articles and news stream on Twitter.


  37. Jan Rossi

    Your candid post was refreshing. I wish you and your family all the best. Something new might come along that makes you see things in a different light. Never lose your passion for WordPress! I only found your blog recently. Thank you for that.

    Be well and reach out if you need direction or ideas…

    Jan Rossi


  38. Kathy

    Your stewardship here is going to be missed. Maybe you can guest post….often!


  39. Miroslav Glavic

    Let’s help Jeff & Save WPTavern/WP weekly: https://www.wptavern.com/forum/general-wordpress/2245-saving-wptavern.html


  40. Andrew


    Your blog is one of the first that I visit when wanting to know something about WordPress. You always seem more on top of WordPress than any other blogger, and you seem to keep content up to date and regular, something I wish I could do with my blog.

    I wish I had even just 1% of the skill you have when it comes to writing about WordPress, you will be missed, but I am sure that you will find yourself sticking around at WPTavern, whether you continue to be owner or not.

    All the best


  41. Ed

    Your podcast was one of the first avenues into exploring the world of WordPress for me. It was something I looked forward to and miss no longer hearing. I appreciated your perspective and enthusiasm as a fellow WordPress “user.” You did make a positive contribution to the community and hopefully will be able to continue to do so in the future. However, there are only so many hours in the day and there is always a need to put food on the table, a roof over your head and to spend time with family. Keep plugging away and hopefully your passion can be your work that pays the bills. Wishing you the best.


  42. Shawn Hesketh

    Jeff, thanks for all that you’ve done over the years to bring a fresh perspective on WordPress and this community. Your active input will be missed, but I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue!


  43. Brad Williams

    We love you Jeff, you know that! I really enjoyed seeing WPTavern grow over the years. You are a huge part of the community and I truly hope you come back someday

    Either way we’re hanging out somewhere/someday in the future!


  44. Ted Mann

    Jeff, I’m so sad to hear this news. Your podcast was a joy to listen to, and a lifeline to the larger WordPress community. For someone like me, who doesn’t work alongside WordPress developers, your show was a tremendous way to connect with other WP enthusiasts. You quickly emerged as the Oprah of this world, and like her, you’ll be sorely missed.


  45. Mal Milligan

    Cheers Jeff… you did a great job with this. You had a long run with a tremendous effort and equally tremendous contribution to the WP community. My experience at times like this is that when one door closes a thousand doors open. Good Luck and Best Regards – Mal


  46. Travis Ballard

    Jeff, it’s been a pleasure, man! I hope you get things squared away and wish you the best of luck in whatever it is that you decide to do. Was great getting to hang out in NYC and Raleigh and getting to know you a little bit. Take care, bro. Hoping you come back to it because you’re damn good at being the “unofficial voice of WordPress”, even if there are no fizzypop’s involved.


  47. Chuck Reynolds

    Can’t complain about that… gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for all the work and the site and community and we’ll see you around i’m sure. Cheers


  48. Manifo

    What a pity…but it is uderstandable….Good luck for you and your plans! thanks for all your great posts and whole work for other users like me.


  49. Ian Stewart

    This morning I was googling around for some WordPress theme information and came across an interview you coaxed me into doing for Weblog Tools Collection years ago. I was super-honored when that happened. I still am. I even told my mom and dad about it! I felt like I was doing something right and that what I was doing was important. You made that happen. And not just for me. You made a lot of people feel that way. Thank you for that.

    You’re important to a lot of people in this community, Jeff. We’ll be comparing people to what you’ve done for all of us for a long time. You will most definitely be missed. Good luck with everything.


  50. Jennifer

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for WordPress, Jeff, and good luck on whatever comes next.


  51. Lorelle

    Good luck, my friend. You’ve proven that you CAN do anything if you set your mind to it. A lot of people told you no and had doubts about you along the way, but you proved to the world that you could do this. It’s something to be very proud of! Seriously. If I can help in anyway, you know just to ask. While this part of your life might be changing, a friendship like ours won’t. Faith, my friend. Faith in what you have accomplished to keep you moving forward.


  52. Ed

    Jeff, you’ll be sorely missed. I loved tuning in to the podcast every week.
    The very best of luck to you and I hope you find a way to keep the tavern doors open!



  53. Lance Willett

    Jeff, I’m sorry to hear this news—your voice on this site and especially on the podcast will be missed. Best wishes in your next adventures.


  54. Peter Knight

    Thanks for all your dedication to the WordPress community Jeff, you brought something irreplaceable and it’s sad to see that go.


  55. WordPress Community Suffers Huge Loss » WPCanada

    […] WordPress community is in shock after Jeff Chandler announced on the popular website WPTavern.com that he will be stepping away from the community due to […]


  56. Len

    I still recall being in chat while attending my first podcast – I was instantly hooked. It seems so long ago.

    You’ve created something amazing here Jeff. The podcast, the site, the forum … all first class. You really did become the voice of WordPress.

    Due to my heavy work schedule I wasn’t able to get online as often as I would like but this was my favourite refuge when I did.

    You’re an awesome individual Jeff and I thank you for everything you have done in and for the community. I also wish you the absolute best in whatever you choose to do. You deserve it.

    As we say up here in Canada, keep your head up and your stick on the ice.


  57. Casey

    You’ve been an honest contributor. Your podcasts were what drew me to the WordPress community. You gave us a lot more than you’ll probably ever realize. Cheers and best wishes!


  58. Lloyd Budd

    Your contributions to WordPress have regularly inspired me! You’ve been an invaluable member of the WordPress community! You leave a great legacy of work, and all the best to everything ahead.


  59. James Hicks

    Jeff – you are a great young man. I had the pleasure of interacting with you on a number of occasions and you were always a pleasure to chat with.We’ll always share that impromptu interview with Matt from WordCamp SF 2010 !!

    I wish you well with your family, career, and endeavors.

    Seeing the effort you placed in building a first class community here on WP Tavern, I know you’ll succeed at any and all efforts in the future.


  60. Elpie

    This must have been a hard post to write. You will be missed here but can move forward with your life knowing you made a difference.
    All the very best for your future endeavours Jeff.


  61. Paul Cunningham

    I just read this post tonight (talk about real life getting in the way :-))

    Jeff, it is sad to read this but not all that surprising. Life certainly did come crashing down on you and it was clear from following your Twitter stream that you had more important things on your hands. I would do the same in your situation.

    Thanks for being one of the community’s great enthusiasts. Your name has been in my RSS feeds for as long as I’ve been into blogging and WordPress.

    Best of luck!


  62. John Overall

    Jeff, your voice will be missed I enjoyed your podcast and it helped me make mine better I think. Thanks for your contributions to the WordPress Community, I wish you luck in finding a fulltime career.

    John Overall


  63. Vix

    Jeff, you’ve always provided a unique voice in the WordPress landscape and you’re going to be sorely missed. Here’s to better things for the future and seeing you around the bar from time to time.


  64. JTPratt Media

    Jeffro – you will be sorely missed! I think that the distinction lies in the fact that you always wanted to “get the word out” about WordPress because you cared about it, and the entrepreneurial (building a business based on WordPress) side of it was something you let others do. In that regard, it is truly hard to make a full time living with WordPress if you’re not doing full-time client work.

    I wish you well! Are you selling the site?


  65. Kevin Paquet

    I don’t know what to say, but I just had to comment.

    I wish you well in your personal life and hope you could bounce back somehow into the WordPress Community. The community needs people like you who are truly dedicated in serving the community.

    In my opinion you’ve done far greater than a good number of developers who fork around with the WordPress code, because thoughts of you and I, the people who don’t code is what makes WordPress better. Without our voices, there would be nothing to code.

    I don’t know what to say.. I sound silly now. It really makes me feel sad… I’ve always listened to your podcasts whenever I could on my iPod Touch. I still remember those glorious days… You’ve been the first and only WordPress podcast (and podcast in general) that I’ve anticipated and listened to from start to finish.

    Good luck in your future plans, and, hope to see you around again on the web!


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