1. George

    Nextgen Gallery is also on that list; with +1mio active installs it seems to be the “biggest” one on the list and one can only wonder why you don’t mention it in your article?


  2. Peter

    What happened? Long time did not read, that something will be removed from WP.

    Also interesting to see how even popular plugins use something 6 years deprecated. Can imagine that mess in their code ;)


  3. Nehemiah

    Wow, popular plugins still use SWFupload, giving room for security exploitation.


  4. Shege

    Whoa! Thanks for this info. Please WP All Import developers should take note of this. I have a site that uses the plugin.



    Then which plugin can be used in place of SWFupload because I am using for my two gaming sites.


  6. Scott

    @Helen it’s not actually being used. It’s reference to legacy code that was left for backward compatibility and being removed soon. But it’s not actually in effect.


  7. Mic Sumner

    The fact of the matter is that:

    You should test plugins on a clone of the site,
    to test if the update will go through.

    But I do realise that it doesn’t work for most people if they think that the plugin isn’t a major plugin that wraps around the entire website i.e. that if the plugin is deactivated that the site falls to smitherines.

    It’s good to know that there is a list of plugins that will be affected by the latest update, now that we’re seeing more Hosting providers enable automatic WordPress core updates by default.

    Not 100% sure that word would get around the world for all owners of the listed plugin.

    But do know that many developers will get to work!

    Kind regards,


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