1. Christina Hills

    I really liked the wood grain!
    ;) Christina


  2. Jason Rouet

    Under the hood improvment is anever ending job but a necessary one! Good luck!

    WPTavern had become a major media on the WP community over the years.
    Like I said on Twitter before, minimalism is great but the Tavern’s identity has vanished since the redesign. I like the content first priority but the wood grain background was the only distinguishing design feature I am able to remember.

    I am not saying you have to bring it back (kidding just bring it back pleeeeease) but it’s hard to identify WPTavern compared to another random media with clean minimalist theme design.

    Imho something is missing!


  3. Jonah Brown

    Maybe integrate wood grain into a logo?


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Search is much appreciated! I use it all the time…


  5. Chris

    “The biggest change that you will notice is a new header design. On mobile devices, it will look the same. However, on larger screens, the header expands to reveal a search form with a navigation menu below. ”

    Isn’t that a major problem? Mobile users shouldn’t lose functionality. Can’t the search box be added to the end of the menu?


  6. Petr

    Please check the header on the small devices. iPhone SE here and the hamburger icon is not inline with the logo. It’s especially discomforting for sticky feature, because the header take up really much space of the viewport height.



  7. René

    The most important element for recognition and distinction is still not back: The Logo!

    I am missing the beer mug:-(


  8. Sajan Kota

    Hi Justin,

    New header design looks cool. Looking forward to how comments will be featured in future :-).


  9. Steven Gliebe

    I’d like some wood grain myself. Just nostalgia.


    • Jill Parthenos

      It’s more than nostalgia. Things like the wood grain and logo, although arguably dated, were part of the site personality and to strip them out makes no sense. It’s completely bereft of any kind of character now. There’s not even a nod towards the site history.


  10. Max

    Does the featured article has to be black`? It looks a bit like a death notice.


  11. Bud Kraus

    Please. Bring back the good old days. Now, more than ever we need the wood grain.


  12. TheFrosty

    Would love to see a dark mode toggle.


  13. C Cullens

    My RSS feed of WPTavern is no longer working. Did anything change around https://wptavern.com/feed?


    • Justin Tadlock

      It’s just the regular WordPress RSS feed and unrelated to the site’s theme. I don’t see any issues with it. I’m subscribed to the feed, and it has been coming through fine for me. It may have been a temporary issue.


  14. Ricardo

    Homepage looks great. What’s your main theme? Are you using Gutenberg or a builder?


  15. Mortimer

    We’re gonna miss the wood grain but it’s obvious that you have to move with the times. The present design is Ok, however a little bit more white spaces between post excerpts could be worth considering


  16. Glenn Martin

    Until recently, on a desktop in the comments of your posts, it used to be that hovering over the “Liked by…” would display who it was that liked the post.

    That is no longer the case. Bug, or an intentional change?


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