1. Alan Kellogg

    Think of “twig” as a case not of “in addition”, but a case of “instead of”. It’s easier to use instead of the old way, then replace the old way with “twig”.


  2. Evert Albers (@evert_)

    The article (especially the mention of Bower and Foundation) makes me curious, but I don’t have time to try things out. Does anybody know how Sprig compares to Timber?

    FYI I usually build my websites with http://Bolt.cm , a next-gen cms that also uses Twig, but if WordPress is unavoidable (some clients kinda demand WP), I have used Timber occasionally, which works a lot better for me than having to build plain PHP loops.


  3. maisnam raju

    Totally not a good idea to work with this. The project has stopped, the developer never bothered to fix the bugs on the whole thing. Had the misfortune of using it. Now I’m stuck with trying to move my code to something else.


  4. enchance

    I like using Twig so I’ll give this a try. I think the main difference between Timber and Sprig is that the latter is starter theme while the former is not. This would make Timber a real good setup for me since I can still use my existing framework.


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