Sports Writing Network MVN Shuts Down

Shortly after I started the WordPress Weekly podcast, I got in touch with Brandon Rosage who was the webmaster of MVN which stands for Most Valuable Network was built around WordPress MU with a bunch of customizations. I interviewed Brandon in episode 8 where we talked about what goes on behind the scenes on a network filled with a bunch of sports blogs and how they tied them altogether throughout the site.

I learned today that back on December 7th 2009, the owner of MVN Evan Brunell, announced that MVN would be closing its doors and ceasing to exist at all. It’s relevant to WordPress MU since this was a large collection of sports blogs in one place and was linked to my many different sports authorities. Sad to see it go but it’s uplifting to see that all of the comments on that post are high accolades from those who wrote for the network. You don’t see that often!

Best of luck to Evan and I wonder what Brandon is up to these days. Would have been interesting to hear how they were planning the merge of the code bases.



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