Someone At WPDesigner Wants Your Money

wpdesignerlogoThe story regarding just keeps getting better, or worst. I’m receiving reports from multiple individuals letting me know that they have received a paypal notice informing them to renew their 5$ subscription to the theme club Small Potato once operated. On top of that, some folks are even receiving late payment notices. Couple this latest development with what has taken place on the WPDesigner site the other day, it seems like something malicious is going on. After all of this time, someone who is keeping the lights on over their is making attempts at getting your money

I do remember Small Potato refunding everyone who was a member of the theme club after discovering that the new owner didn’t live up to his promise to keep the club going. I’m not sure what is going on but I’ll provide updates as I find out about them.

If you are receiving these paypal notices, DO NOT pay them. Simply ignore them.

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