Snowbird: A Free WordPress Theme for Bloggers and Storytellers

Snowbird is a new theme released last week on, designed for storytellers with a blog-centered home page. It features a fullwidth header image, bold typography, and a host of layout and color options in the Customizer.


Snowbird’s sidebar is hidden off canvas and can be toggled into view using the floating hamburger icon that disappears when you scroll. It can be assigned to the right or left side of the screen in the Customizer.

Single posts prominently feature the author’s profile along with sharing buttons. Both can be easily enabled or disabled via the post settings in the Customizer, along with an option to show related posts. Both pages and posts have multiple layout options.


The theme’s options include controls for setting full, excerpt, or none for post content displayed on the homepage. A slider control lets users set the maximum number of words for the excerpt length and the number of posts per page.

Background, text, title, and accent colors can be easily set with the built-in color picker controls.


Snowbird also includes support for post formats, responsive media, a custom logo, and related posts. The theme is compatible with Jetpack features and Contact Form 7. It prompts users to install the SuperPack plugin, which adds shortcodes and widgets for things like dropcaps, columns, social icons, recent posts, and more.

Snowbird is the first theme from xFrontend, a Bangladesh-based company founded by Omaar Osmaan. After just two weeks on, it has already been installed on more than 400 websites. Check out the live demo to see the theme in action.

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  1. Interesting ! tried it one one of my blog, looks cool.

    But still sticking to ‘Replacement not found’ default wordpress themes. :)


  2. Dang, that’s a nice theme. Very simple, clean and to the point. Really beautiful! :)


  3. Thank you so much for featuring Snowbird and the awesome write ups- I’m totally flabbergasted!

    I’ve few relevant notes I think should goes here:

    1) Snowbird WordPress theme and SuperPack plugin code-base has been hosted on GitHub for further collaborative development. Please take your time to report any issues, in-case you hit into, and may be to request more features, too.


    2) Snowbird has been tuned up to showcase photography. The theme has built-in lightbox for Images and Gallery, along with detail page for image attachments (in-case you want to take advantage of the WordPress features) with keyboard navigation enabled.

    3) xFrontend offers premium supports for both the theme and the plugin. Feel free to contact us for any help.

    We worked really hard to make it a solid experience and we’re eager to continue make it better- please forward any suggestions to improve it further. Thank you!


  4. This right here is why I do reviews with the Theme Review Team. When I came across this theme in the review queue, I knew it was one of the special ones that needed to be shared with the world.


    1. Glad for the kind words, Justin.

      It’s great to have you on Theme Review Team, this truly allows us, the authors to learn a lots of stuff from your remarkable experiences.


  5. Very nice theme! Here’s a tiny piece of feedback. On iOS 9, iPhone 6s in the demo once you go to menu it’s impossible to access post formats because of the way it’s placed. The most bottom menu item is inaccessible.



    1. Thanks, Krko- appreciate the feedback.

      You supposed to be able to scroll, could be a bug with iOS/Safari. I’ve created a ticket on GitHub to investigate the issue you’ve shared.


      1. Thanks for taking a look. You can scroll alright but when you tap at the bottom of the screen Safari brings up the back and forward buttons and the menu scrolls back beneath it so the bottom menu item is always inaccessible.


  6. A really clean looking theme.


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