1. Abhinav

    Interesting ! tried it one one of my blog, looks cool.

    But still sticking to ‘Replacement not found’ default wordpress themes. :)


  2. Andy

    It’s simple and tidy.


  3. M Asif Rahman

    Very nice work!


  4. Brin Wilson

    Dang, that’s a nice theme. Very simple, clean and to the point. Really beautiful! :)


  5. Omaar Osmaan

    Thank you so much for featuring Snowbird and the awesome write ups- I’m totally flabbergasted!

    I’ve few relevant notes I think should goes here:

    1) Snowbird WordPress theme and SuperPack plugin code-base has been hosted on GitHub for further collaborative development. Please take your time to report any issues, in-case you hit into, and may be to request more features, too.

    Snowbird: https://github.com/xFrontend/snowbird
    SuperPack: https://github.com/xFrontend/superpack

    2) Snowbird has been tuned up to showcase photography. The theme has built-in lightbox for Images and Gallery, along with detail page for image attachments (in-case you want to take advantage of the WordPress features) with keyboard navigation enabled.

    3) xFrontend offers premium supports for both the theme and the plugin. Feel free to contact us for any help.

    We worked really hard to make it a solid experience and we’re eager to continue make it better- please forward any suggestions to improve it further. Thank you!


  6. Ahmad Awais

    Good stuff! Omar!


  7. Matt

    Beautiful theme. Gorgeous work!


  8. Bharath

    Clean theme with great typography. Good job Omaar.


  9. Justin Tadlock

    This right here is why I do reviews with the Theme Review Team. When I came across this theme in the review queue, I knew it was one of the special ones that needed to be shared with the world.


    • Omaar Osmaan

      Glad for the kind words, Justin.

      It’s great to have you on Theme Review Team, this truly allows us, the authors to learn a lots of stuff from your remarkable experiences.


  10. krko

    Very nice theme! Here’s a tiny piece of feedback. On iOS 9, iPhone 6s in the demo once you go to menu it’s impossible to access post formats because of the way it’s placed. The most bottom menu item is inaccessible.



  11. Luke Cavanagh

    A really clean looking theme.


  12. Gaurav Tiwari

    Lovely theme. Thumbs up.


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