1. Mario Peshev

    That’s good news. I’m not a fan of Slack at all, but when I have to use it, the web client is impossible to interact with in the long run, given the performance of most major browsers that you use for other things as well.

    As a Linux user myself, I’m curious whether they’ll also run a stable version that is multiplatform, or at least not focused on Windows or Mac OS only.


    • Ryan Hellyer

      It’s probably just a wrapper around a web view anyway.

      I’ve never had any problems with Slack performance. It seems to work fine.


      • Samuel "Otto" Wood

        It very much looks and behaves like it is a wrapper around the web interface.Whether it is or not, can’t say for sure.

        That said, I switched back to the web interface because I can use custom stylesheets on there, and I can’t on the “native” version. The normal interface, with the black text on the white, is basically unusable by me. It’s just blinding and difficult to work with. Slack severely needs a “night mode”, and with some custom styling, I was able to make the web version actually usable and useful.

        That said, I have not had any freezing or slowdown issues with the web version in Chrome. I can leave it running for days at a time and it’s just fine.


        • Mario Peshev

          I’ve heard from other fellows that it is slower than the web version, which is surprising for me (it’s a tough goal to beat). And yes, using custom stylesheets and such is a benefit of apparently the faster equivalent being the web version.

          IIRC you had a Chromebook, if that’s what you use, that may explain the fast load on Chrome, other than that most people around me have been struggling with the CPU and RAM usage of Chrome (it’s another story though).


    • Aditya Kane

      A lot of colleagues have this issue with Slack at work because it does not have an app for Linux Distros. A colleague came up with a this workaround for Ubuntu which users Unity Web Browser to keep the resource hogging down – https://github.com/gau1991/unity-webapps-slack-unofficial

      I suppose it works only with Ubuntu.


  2. Kevin Donnigan (@anythinggraphic)

    I absolutely love Slack. I use it all the time. And they have Wolfenstein icons. #win


  3. Syed Balkhi

    This was one of the things I kept bugging them about because the web client was just unusable. It would freeze way too often.

    Thankfully they listened and even invited me to their super early beta phase, so I can stop complaining lol..I have been using it for some time and it’s awesome. Gives me the same kind of experience that I have on my Mac :)


  4. RavanH

    And of course, no Linux version. Ah well, web works fine for me. :)


  5. Jodi

    I’m confused. I thought I’ve been using a Windows 7 app for Slack all along. Yes, it’s run by Chrome, but yet it’s different than the browser version.


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