1. Drew Jaynes

    Super exciting to have Iseulde contributing full time now. Kudos to SiteGround for taking the leap and congrats Iseulde!


  2. Scott Winterroth

    SiteGround rocks!


  3. Emil Uzelac

    Congrats to Iseulde and SiteGround!

    I had a great pleasure of meeting some of the good folks from the SiteGround last year.

    More companies should follow their footsteps.

    Other than core we have 11 more teams and many talented individuals, some of them are Themes, Plugins, UI, Meta, Docs etc: https://make.wordpress.org/

    Keep on sponsoring!


  4. Joseph

    Wow… SiteGround is rocking again!


  5. Jeff Chandler

    Thanks SiteGround for making this type of investment into Van Dorpe and the WordPress project. I wonder if this will reignite the development of the Front-end Editor https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-front-end-editor/


  6. Dan Knauss

    SiteGround has always been a standup company that reinvests wisely in itself for its customers but also in their open source communities. Thanks SiteGround!


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