1. Jeffrey

    Thank you for sharing this, Sarah. I am in.


  2. Li-An

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Je Suis Personne

    This is the most incorrect the definition of “Freedom of Expression”. No one has ANY right whatsoever, to insult, disrespect or disgrace other’s beliefs, religion, culture, traditions, language, race in the name Freedom of God-Damned Expression.


    • Robert Trevellyan

      I’m probably just feeding the trolls, but here goes…

      I disagree completely with this comment. Nobody is forced to view or listen to or watch anything they find offensive. Everyone has the right to create material that might be offensive to someone, somewhere. Everyone has a right to argue against material they find offensive. That right does not extend to violence against the creators of that material.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Actually, that is the most correct definition of freedom of expression. All people were born with this inalienable right to insult, disrespect, and disgrace others. If freedom of expression only allowed us to be nice and agreeable, it wouldn’t be much of a right.


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