1. Ryan Hellyer

    Does this imply that it would be possible within the UI (if Nacin’s plan went ahead) for us to choose on an individual site basis whether to use sub-folders or sub-domains? I actually do that already on my own site as it is possible via the existing domain mapping plugins, so it should take much extra effort to get it to work within the UI (I currently manually map the sub-domains to their corresponding sub-folders.

    This actually has a distinct cost benefit for those using https on their admin panels, as it means you can use a regular SSL certificate instead of requiring a wild card when using sub-domains. This is because you can use sub-folders on the backend, whilst using mapped sub-domains on the frontend.


  2. Mike Perlman

    I was more interested in the discussion about sharing options from one blog to another and I have a personal interest in sharing custom posts as templates in that way.


  3. TCBarrett

    I think that almost any core-lead ‘setting of foundations’ is a good idea. The current set up is old, complex and confusing.

    Domain mapping is at bursting point, and will end up with either no solution in the public domain, or with lots of insufficient work-arounds that will confuse newcomers even more.

    It makes sense for the WordPress Network to support domain mapping out of the box. Who doesn’t have a network with sites that want their own URL?


  4. Paul O'Flaherty

    I’d like to see domain mapping incorporated into the core. Besides the fact that the current methods/plugins to do it are clunky, there’s little point in offering multisite unless you’re going to offer a basic/expected feature like domain mapping.

    No having domain mapping in the core makes multisite unappealing and easily overlooked for many who might otherwise use it.


  5. chris mccoy

    would be nice, i was using the one by wpebooks, but since they removed it as it went exclusive with the studiopress hosting platform, being part of core would be neat


  6. darron639

    This needs to be in core as there a couple of ways to map using free & premium plug-in solutions and can be confusing.Make setting up a MS easier is progress and a thumbs up to Multisite development. I’m also concerned about how SEO & and even linking on MS is a bit of a hinderance to fast development. Often I have to develop on the subdomain/subdirectory url then switch to a url – then check like mad that no manual or links via plug-in content is still not pointing to subdomain url links. Ok this is done to some plugins not linking via the database (and then when the root url is mapped being intact.

    if it was core it would be part of the environment and plugins & themes would be developed with this in mind. It would be great if plugins like Back up Buddy would finally come off the fence and support MS Back Up – i think it would if it was core. Hope it comes soon (ish)


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