Sessions From BuddyCamp Brighton, UK Now Available to Watch on

Earlier this month, the first BuddyCamp Brighton, UK successfully took place. Six speakers presented their sessions from within the venue while four participated remotely. Here’s a break down of the attendees:

  • 13 Sponsors.
  • 8 Sessions.
  • 7 Volunteers.
  • 6 Speakers plus another 4 via video message.
  • 33 Attendees.

The conference featured sessions on the origin of BuddyPress, a fireside chat with Paul Gibbs, and messages from BuddyPress contributors.

Photographs of the event are available on the official BuddyCamp Brighton website. In addition to photographs, sessions were recorded and are available to watch for free on

In the following video, Gibbs explains the origins of BuddyPress.

If you attended BuddyCamp Brighton, UK please share your experience in the comments.


2 responses to “Sessions From BuddyCamp Brighton, UK Now Available to Watch on”

  1. I saw Brighton’s first Buddy Camp right here in WP Tavern and am so glad I went, what a diverse group of people all with one common passion. Enjoyed every moment!


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