Senior Front End WordPress Developer Wanted is looking for a seasoned front-end WordPress developer. As the job posting shows, you need to know your stuff if you’re going to apply for the position. If I even know half of the requirements that are needed, I’d be in good shape. Since jobs are few and far between, I thought it would be good to push this one out into the open considering many developers and consultants read this site.


6 responses to “Senior Front End WordPress Developer Wanted”

  1. They kinda need an all-in-one webdeveloper. I mean c’mon… 4+ years exp with PHP? Why do you need… mysql and strong core PHP development experience?

    Well.. good luck for the… front end (?!)

  2. @Ionut, it’s Time, not some mom and pop shop. If they’re gonna hire somebody retain as a web developer, it’s a good idea for that person to know the difference between an array and an object.

  3. @Ionut Staicu – Creating a theme (which is front-end work) requires knowing PHP and the kinda stuff these big companies create are usually significantly more complicated that the kind of themes you’ll find available for download on ;)

  4. You know Jeff, it would be an awesome idea for you to start a job board for WordPress related work on your site. I’m sure employers/businesses/web companies would love to market to the right demographic for this type of stuff.

    Could definitely help you pay some bills too! Let me know if you need help with the design and development of it :-)


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