Send Yourself A Blogminder

A relatively new plugin was released today by Peter Westwood called PJW BlogMinder. The plugin allows your users to configure a reminder to be sent to them if they haven’t posted in the last ‘n‘ of days.

At first, I was a bit confused as the directions do not state where I can configure the plugin since I couldn’t find a link for it in the Settings page or anywhere else (Update – Peter has since added more explicit directions to the readme file). However, since it deals with users I looked through my user profile and boom, I found a new setting that basically provides a drop down box that lets me set how I would like to be reminded if I have not posted to that particular blog in a given amount of time ranging from No Reminder to seven days.


Blogminders are good for end users who simply need a nudge to let them know they haven’t published anything to the site in awhile perhaps leading them to visit the site to check and see if anything new has been published. Between Blogminder and Subscribe To Comments, do you think both plugins work well together, or overlap too much?



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