SeeHowTwo – WordPress.TV Competitor?

The other day, George Plumley contacted me to let me know of a new site he launched called The site contains a variety of videos specific to with plans on adding videos to cover topics as well.

Initially, I had to increase the font size on my machine since it was a bit too small for me. No biggy as the site adjusted well to the increased font size. Unlike WordPress.TV, this site contains a key which makes browsing through the videos an easy process.

One of the videos I watched instructed me on how to hide comments on individual posts or pages. The video quality was pretty good while the audio quality was very good. In this particular video, I would have enjoyed seeing the screen zoom in on specific areas to make the content easier to read. George is a good narrator but at times, it’s difficult to see what he is doing on the screen.


Another thing I think sets this site back is that the screencasts are purely flash based with no way of sharing them on other sites. While doing the screencasts on your own ensures the best video quality and control, not having the ability to embed that video across the web I think is a major step backwards. Why would you not want that kind of exposure? On the SeeHowTwo videos, George already places a SeeHowTwo link at the bottom which does not make sense to me if you’re watching the video on the HowTwoSite. That link would be perfectly acceptable on a video that lets say, is embeddable across the web. Talk about branding!

While George provides quite a bit of good content already on his SeeHowTwo site, I think there are a few things that could be done to make it better. And while you might be hoping to have people simply link to the page with the video on it, I’d much rather embed the video on my own blog.

Head on over to George’s site and then come back and let me know what YOU think.



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