Save 25 Percent On WPTavern Display Advertising

Thanks to a recent upgrade to the advertising management system I use, I’m now able to create and offer coupons to advertisers. I’m working my way back into generating a consistent stream of content on the site and to get things back in gear, I’m offering a coupon code for advertisers that will save them 25% on the following ad zones, Site Header, Site Sidebar and Forum Header. After your display ad has been approved, enter the following coupon code into the coupon box, 25PERCENT as this will deduct the cost immediately. The coupon is good for any length of purchase e.g. 30,60, or 90 days. This coupon code will expire on Friday, March 11th.

Here is something to consider. The money I make at the grocery store during the week is being put away for a desperately needed new roof and the money I generate from is what will keep me fed as well as pay for minimal expenses. Needless to say, I definitely have an incentive to keep things going around here.

ADVERTISER TIP: Based on experience, users are more likely to both click and spend their money if the display banner offers a coupon code to save a percentage of money.



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