1. Ryan

    It’s looking likely that the Sandbox theme will be integrated into WP 2.8 anyway. So development of the theme can be handled with WordPress itself.


  2. WordPress links week 5 -2009

    […] Sandbox/Plaintxt Goes Up For Sale […]


  3. Will Anderson

    @Ryan There’s a discussion on wp-hackers about what all this will mean for sandbox getting into core. Some would say that the fact that the developer is leaving will reduce the chances of this happening.


  4. Vix

    I would have thought that the lead developer leaving would make it the ideal time to include it in the core but I guess we won’t know until there’s official word.

    WordPress 2.7 has post classes which is a likely step in the direction of providing a plethora of css classes for themes.


  5. Alister Cameron // Blogologist

    Sandbox came and went.

    We all use it, or at least it’s good bits.

    I don’t see where the value is for anyone to buy it, honestly.

    SAW is a legend and has really got himself a place in history, but that’s as much as there is to say, unfortunately.

    The train has left the station and moved on…

    Sorry to see him go. Was wondering where he had been lately.



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