Sam Bauers Talking bbPress

I came across these videos last night through, a WordPress centric site written and maintained by Austin Passy. There are four videos from the WordCamp San Francisco Developers Day uploaded by Austin which contain Sam Bauers discussing the development of the bbPress forum software. The most interesting video to me was number four where Matt shares the idea of how the comment form on a WordPress blog could be replaced by a thread or a forum powered by bbPress. A very interesting idea indeed. Thanks to Austin for uploading these videos.

P.S. I’m working on getting Sam Bauers on WordPress Weekly before or just after the release of bbPress 1.0. As of right now, things look good to have Sam on the show Friday, June 19th but keep an eye out for the show reminder email from Talkshoe as that will contain the locked in date.

There’s a part four but it’s not on YouTube at the moment. I’m working with Austin Passy to figure out what happened and get the video back on YouTube.

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  1. Interesting to see that they are contemplating eventually making it possible to simply add a bbPress forum via a shortcode (or similarly simple approach) into a WordPress page. That would certainly boost the popularity of the software.


  2. @Ryan – Yes it is. The hint of possibly replacing the comments form with a bbPress forum thread or something sounds really interesting. The merging of forums and blogging into one system.


  3. @Jeff – I did that with SMF a while back. It’s a nice way to go about doing things IMO as it drags your forum posters into your blog and vice versa. I’ve never actually implemented it live on a site before though. I considered it once, but I was concerned my forum was going to end up with nothing but a bunch of blog comments in it which could distract my regular forum users from the regular topics.


  4. @Ryan – Shortcode for bbPress? That would be awwwwwesome!!!


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